Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing

Have you ever seen an arborist climb up a 150 foot tree? Has the thought of doing that kind of climbing scared you a little inside? Well, though it isn’t for the faint of heart,¬†tree climbing is one of our specialties. Our founder, Duncan Nicholson, very much enjoys climbing up your giant oaks and firs and seeing the world from that unique view.

Climbing trees is not for the faint of heart, and does require lots of proper precautions be taken. The proper climbing shoes, gloves, and gear, along with a tested and fit harness, are where the climb really begins – with proper preparation and precaution. The plan for what needs to be done once the tree is climbed is also something that gets fully laid out on the ground.

Once the plan and the proper safety measures are taken care of, though, it’s time to climb! Duncan and his team work together to ensure the climber (usually Duncan himself) makes it to the desired tree height safely. Pulleys are then used to give the climber the saw and other tools he might need to work on the tree – caution and care is what it is all about!

Making a cut 100 feet up on a tree is quite an exhilating feeling, honestly – doing work you love, far away from the ground and with a brand new view of the world. More pulleys can be used to make sure the cut limbs and/or trunk pieces make their way safely to the ground, in the direction opposite the climber’s position.

Often times, when a big cut is made high up on a tree like this, the tree will wobble rather violently in the air. It is then that the climber is in for the ride of his life! But it’s also then that all the prior steps in safety and precaution pay off, keeping the climber safely affixed to the tree as it finds its new balance point. Duncan will tell you, it’s a bit like a rollercoaster ride – exhilarating, but perhaps best when your feet are back on the ground.

Do you need tree climbing services at your home or business property? Duncan would love to come see what you have for him to climb! Reach out to us at 971-241-6241 to get started with Nicholson’s Tree Services today.

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